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Maureen Benoit


There are many photographers who do what they 're told and earn their living by making photographs that resemble other photographs. But Maureen is one of the few "others" who see what no one else has seen and make images that have the surprising inevitability of true inventions. Such photographers resemble hunters, collectors, and gamblers. What they gamble with and count on is something Jung called synchronous, or meaningful. coincidences, and what they hunt and collect are the entities Goethe called archetypal phoneme. Maureen has been documenting the lives of families since the age of 15.

One of the first women to receive a BA degree in photography from the internationally acclaimed school of photography, Brooks Institute. She also has a minor in psychology and a lifetime of human development. After 25 years in professional photography she has lived her dream and continuous to live her passion by using her talents in ways to edify the lives of women by providing an experience of self discovery through the photographic medium and the courage to face true self, physically, mentally, and spiritually.Feel Beautiful - Feel Empowered ... getting curious with your burning desire

By Maureen Benoit, Phototherapist® Often I am asked; “Maureen how do you help a client get comfortable taking intimate portraits?”  I have given much thought to the answer of this common question.  There is not one thing I do or say but it is a process.  It may begin several months or maybe years before my client actually picks up the phone to call for an appointment.  The process begins with a spark of curiosity.  Curiosity is followed by a tinge of longing to embrace herself as a whole, wonderful, and complete woman.  Many years may pass but the small fire continues to burn in her heart that one day she will step out of that which binds her and flourish.   Providence may take hold when a woman such as you comes across an article such as this.  It may prove to be the awakening your inner self has been searching for. 

A photograhic experience with Maureen is one of empowerment, redefining transformational qualities reconnecting a woman to her soul essence.   The second part of this transformational process is picking up the phone and making the call.  It takes a great deal of courage to make that call.  Most of my clients are in the depths of life; women over 40 typically in some form of transition; women feeling the weight of the world, their life.  Often they hold their current self up to the girl they once were, or who they would like to be rather than valuing themselves for who they are at this moment.

Scheduling an appointment is an act that will place you in front of a mirror and at a moment of truth.  Yet that tinge of longing, that spark of a burning desire will give you the courage to stay the course.  The collaboration established between the beauty of the client and the loveliness of this experience is the last piece of this process.  Maureen’s gift is to capture the true essence of a woman with the artistry of her photography and her compassion.  Her passion to improve the lives of women helping them reconnect to their soul adds the trust required to work together.The originality and unique virtue of Maureen’s art will bring you to your heart’s desire, rediscovering the soul and essence of the woman that is you. Learn more about this priceless experience visit: , or call (661) 476-9772/(818)701-5001

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