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An Inspirational Experience

Phototherapy Session

By Maureen Benoit, phototherapist

Phototherapy is the process by which Fine-Art photography, psychology and instinct are used to create an experience by which an individual: man, woman or child is helped to reconnect to their soul. Maureen serves as a phototherapist to capture the essence of a person’s authenticity through a photo-graphic experience by which the experience itself bears witness of their true self and reconnecting to them to their soul.

Phototherapist and Client

A phototherapist acts as the perfect flawless lens that direct the light of the individual as their bare essence is exposed to themselves. When exposing the essence of an individual a phototherapist must be sensitive to the darkest recesses of a person’s psyche to their brightest highlights of their successes and triumphs. The collaboration between client and phototherapist will yield thousands of heartfelt and mental images in addition to the camera images created. These images will imprint on the individual’s heart and psyche so strongly that mind and ego can only surrender to what is present and what is true. The Phototherapist will use their photographic technical skill, creative talents, and prayer and intuition to artistically express themselves in a way for the greatest good the client by producing a mere representation and token of an amazing event; a photograph/memento. The heartfelt and print images will be what gives the client the courage to surrender and embrace to the truthfulness of their bare essence.

In addition to Maureen’s expertise in photography and her novel approach to creativity she incorporates her many years of study in the arts, sciences, philosophy, spirituality and psychology to this particular style of photography for the sole purpose to illuminate the soul.

Each portrait session is one of discovery and each session and client is as distinct as a single snowflake and as powerful as a single dream.

The Preparation

Multiple Consultations and Design Session


In-Home Wardrobe Consultation

Personal Shopping Days

Make up and Hair Consultations

Two Weeks Free Yoga Membership with Yoga Yoga in SCV

A Free Dream Consultation with Dr. Renee Coleman in SCV

Three Hypnotherapy Session with Penny Randall in SFV

One Encounter Game with Moment Connections in SCV

Energy Clearing with Circle One

One month Fitness Membership with Result Fitness in SCV

Massage Therapy One Week Prior

NuSkin Care Consultation with Naomi Carmona Morsehead

And More!

The Shoot

Unlimited hours of Maureen's Expertise, Creativity & Interpersonal Talents

Multiple/All Day Photo Shoots

Unlimited Wardrobe Changes

Unlimited Backgrounds, Outdoors and Locations

Hair and Make-up Artist on the day of photo shoot

In Home Massage The following day

The Presentation

A multi media dvd presentation

The Memmento

When collaborating in the development of a phototherapy session there are no limits and lots of flexibility. We collaborate with an open heart and a free spirit for this reason I do not list the tangible memento or mementos for those are chosen in the collaboration process. There are no additional costs; within reason of course.


Your Choice of photos in Album or Artist Portfolio

Your Choice of sizes

Your Choice of quantities

One wall portrait (Your Choice of Size)

*Optional Phototherapy Session Only

Prepatory Consultation & Customized Design Session Prior to Photo Shoot.

Personal Shopping Day & In Home Wardrobe Consultation.

Full Day Photo Session, Multiple locations, Unlimited outfit changes

A multi media dvd slide show presentation of unretouched images

DVD Slide Show Included!

Nightie Collection

Donate To Maureen's Nightie Collection

Donate a pair of New Pajamas to

“Maureen’s Nightie Collection” 

Benefiting our local Domestic Violence Shelter and receive

A Complimentary Duplicate Portrait with Purchase

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